How many decks are in (will I get) in the Kings Wild Shorts Subscription?

You will get 12 decks a year (1 deck per month) if you are a subscriber to the Kings Wild Shorts Subscription.

Decks in the Kings Wild Shorts Subscription are shipped once every month.

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  • Is it true you will receive a 13th deck for a full year subscription within that given year, given you collect the holographic stickers and place them on the subscription certificate? Do you send in the certificate for verification and do you receive it back after stamped for redeemed, or how does that process work?

    Blake Jackson (AKA) "littleFIN"

  • Yes! If you hold a Limited Edition tier of the Kings Wild Shorts Playing Card subscription you will receive a monthly holographic sticker, that you can use to fill up your certificate page. At the beginning of the new year, we will put out a call to email us pics of your completed certificate. Once we confirm your completed certificate you will be cued up to receive a free 13th LTD subscription deck.


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