Suggestions for hard to find decks that are part of a theme

I'm trying to collect some things in sets even though I got a late start and I've gotten the Old Ironsides and Peter Dash Flash decks and will jump all over the Tank deck when it comes out, but for the life of me I don't know how to get a (standard) Noble Train deck.  There are others (Pi, currency, etc.) that I'll gobble up whenever I can to make sets, but just like Noble Train, sometimes it seems impossible.  There is like one listing for a Noble Train deck on ebay and it's way too much and in the UK.  So other than griping, my question is this...

Do most decks tied to some sort of series have a way of coming back around?  Are some held back to be sold as part of complete sets when the last one comes out?  Would there maybe be a reprint in order to complete a set, or when something is sold out it's really sold out forever?  Is there somewhere I should be looking that I don't know about?  Is it alright to talk about such things here?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • Not sure why it's not more readily available, but you can also try on United cardists (they have a buy/sell section) and also on Reddit (Google "reddit playingcardsmarket"). Good luck!

  • Some decks are part of a permanent release, where KWP is now trying to keep available permanently.  These tend to be the most popular decks.  I think the set you mention isn't really in that category.  The problem for KWP is that to reprint, generally means they need to produce at least 1,000+ decks.  To make that profitable, they have to think that they can sell most of those reprinted decks.  I guess their might be a chance that KWP could do a special reprint set of all four once the final deck is released. In the meantime, the secondary market is your best bet (eBay, UC, reddit as noted above by bdawg923). KWP did reprint the Ironsides deck, but that issue was from 2018, and there were much fewer made than the others in the series. I agree with you though, this is a great set.


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