2021 Shorts Certificate/Stickers

I just got my limited Sherlock Holmes deck (which is awesome, by the way), but I noticed there was no sticker for the certificate. Are we still doing those certificates and, if so, how can I go about A) getting a certificate and B) getting the sticker?


  • I also did not receive a sticker with my gilded January deck.  Not sure what is going on.  Guessing maybe they were still in the moving process at the time and something happened?  I have not heard of any changes other than the sticker sheet will be a download/printable this year.  Not sure why we didn't get stickers, unless this is no longer a thing, and they have not told us yet.

  • The January one was just late, but I've gotten January thru March with the stickers. But also, you don't get stickers with the gilded decks, only the limited ones.

  • Disappointed to hear the gilded subscription isn't included in the 13th deck promotion, at least now I know.  Thanks for clearing that up!


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