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So I’m a new Limited and Standard subscriber. I just got into card collecting, and just joined. I received my April limited deck and sticker today. :)

Could you tell me how the stickers work? So, if you get 12 stickers you mail them in at the end of the year for a 13th deck, is that right? And since I just joined in April, I’ll never get all 12 for this year, is that also right?

Sorry if these are dumb questions.




  • I’m following because I have the same question. I thought I read that you receive stickers if you purchase limited addition decks. For some reason I can’t find that thread. Hopefully we will be able to get our missing tickets so we can receive the 13th deck.

  • Hey Rgtdal,

    I found this in the faq’s. I think we can get the 13th deck.

    Jackson Robinson
    May 15, 2020 19:33
    The monthly holographic stickers come exclusively with the Limited Edition Kings Wild Shorts decks only. The Standard Edition and Gilded Edition do not come with a monthly sticker.

    Even if you are not a current subscriber and purchase an LTD Edition Kings Wild Shorts deck from the Kings Wild website you will receive a monthly sticker.

    If you collect all 12 Monthly stickers and fill your Kings Wild Shorts Certificate, you will be able to redeem the filled certificate for an exclusive free Limited Edition 13th deck.

  • I’m not sure. If I just joined this month, how would I get stickers for Jan, Feb and March?

  • It says if you buy a limited edition deck. I just bought a few decks today. One was the Americana limited edition. I should receive a sticker for it. I’ll let you know if I do. Then we just need to buy more limited edition decks to make up for the missing ones.

  • You will not be receiving a sticker, Jromans11. The stickers are only given if you subscribe to the limited edition shorts. If you didn't get the first few months, the only way you can get those stickers is if you buy them on Ebay (I've seen a few of the decks being sold that will come with the stickers). Hope this helps.


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