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Anyone else find that ebay is a horrible place to try and value your collection at?  The price spreads are horrific, especially considering some of the decks on there are still offered on the site for original pricing.  Is there a better way to figure out what your collection is worth?  I'm mostly concerned with the insurance aspect.  I'm pretty sure my Valley Forge collection is worth something, for instance, but is it really worth $600+ or is that just greedy ebayers ebaying?  I guess what I'm asking is, is there a better place to value your collection?



  • Honestly I feel like ebay is the best place.

    There's no inherent value to a deck of cards. So the best way to get the value is by what people are willing to pay for the deck. Generally the prices don't / shouldn't vary wildly day to day. Like a deck that sold for $80 will sell for $70-90 during the same period of time. It's possible there's outliers of course for many reasons (maybe the person who paid $80 had disposable income and didn't care about overpaying, maybe a $40 auction was posted at a bad time, or was too short, or had the wrong keywords, so not as many people saw it). Best thing to do is look at the sold listings around the time of the auctions go see which is more indicative of the true price at that moment. (for example, I had a brick of le chat rouge decks about 3 years ago, and I couldn't get rid of them for $20 per deck, now two years later they're going for $100 per deck. Which is the real value? Both. Just depends on the market).

    Over time deck prices can change like if the creator prints a v2 of the deck. Its then cheaper than the original v1 so people don't want to spend as much on the original, therefore prices on the v1 would drop. Or over time a deck will become more scarce, driving the price up.

    That's the thing about value and the free market. It's always changing. It's not some set amount that always stays the same.

  • Thanks, this makes sense. I appreciate the time you took to respond.


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