What's your most recent Kings wild deck addition to your collection?

I recently found this after searching for a year! 



  • Nice! That is a great find. Which edition number is it?

  • 17/25

  • Very nice! My most recent addition is the Tally-Ho Black Diamond Edition. I tried taking a picture to post but it just looks like there's a hole in my table. Either I have a very poor camera or that black is just that intense.*probably both*

  • I recently completed (as much as I am going to anyways) my KWP Tally-Ho collection with getting the Scarlett Legacy.

  • I recently acquired the black-gilded Black Reserve Note, making it the twelfth deck in my Federal 52 brick. Every deck in the brick has been opened and enjoyed.

  • Just like Krycho, I was finally able to get a Black-Gilded Black Reserve note (came today!!!!)

    Other than that, I recently received my July Shorts Sub deck, Peter Dash Flash! Loving those so much! So.. tempted... to open the Gilded!

  • Peter Dash Flash was my most recent deck that I got from KWP, however I know for a fact when the Legal Tender gets a reprint I'll be one of the first to get those c:

  • A new acquisition arrived this morning!


    Verum videre. Nisi credideris, verum non videbis.


  • Oh man, nice!

  • Nice, Congrats. That deck is a sad story for me:

    I was on the site, refreshing away, and then the Verum videre popped up. Added it to my cart, applied my delayed shipping code, and... my browser decided to forget my credit cards. My wallet was not on me, I ran around the house, found it pretty quickly, typed in the number, hit submit, BAM sold out, Removed from my cart. No cards for me. :(

  • My most recent additions were the plum and chocolate pi decks as well as the three gilded table players decks. Got them all on the same order.

  • 1
  • Finally acquired my first Tally-Ho. Sadly the bottom tuck flap is glued wonky but that will just encourage me to thoroughly use the deck without being concerned with keeping the tuck pristine.



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