Extra Cards in Shipments

So I've had a few shipments come in from KWP. The first one I ever got was the Holographic VHS 1982 deck, and that came with an extra card from the Postage Paid deck. Then I got the General Admission deck, then I got a shipment containing the other 2020 subscription decks, and that shipment came with an extra card from the Plum Pi deck. Has anyone else gotten extra cards like that? I think it's a fun little bonus that gets me interested in decks I may not already have, like the Plum Pi one. Since I had that card, I just had to buy the Plum Pi and Chocolate Pi decks.


  • Yep! Definitely a cool thing to do. A bunch of other retailers do this as well

  • Oh, for real? I've only ever bought one non-KWP deck (the white Alice in Wonderland deck from Art of Play), so my experience was rather limited. I thought it was just another thing that brought KWP to the top.


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