Legal Tender Holographic

Since there's nothing posted here yet, I thought I'd be the first. How many of y'all got the Legal Tender deck last Saturday? I kinda panicked when I had to do a security check to log in, but I was able to get one.


  • I wish. This was the 4th release from KWP that I had the cart ready to check out and then get the out of stock notice within 30 seconds. It's absolutely disappointing that there wasn't a limit set for decks when only 3000 were available. I hope all of the brick buyers are happy and make lots of money on eBay.

  • I'm pretty sure there was a limit. To like three per person, but that may have just been the gilded version. But yeah, that does suck. I actually set an alarm to wake up ten minutes before they became available. 

  • I ran into this the other day. Looks like somebody is running a business off of kings wild...

    Good thing I was able to snag one before they sold out... oh wait

  • Yeah, just go on Ebay and look up the Robin Hood Sherwood Forest deck. Only 145 made, and people have, like, 5 or 6 decks for sale. All for $300+. Like, I get buying two. One to keep sealed, the other to use. But buying a bunch to make money is messed up.


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