Why do you like KWP?

Over the weekend, I was showing my best friend who I haven't seen in several months my KWP collection. When I told him how much I've spent, the only thing he asked me was why? Why do I like these cards so much, and why have I spent over a month's rent on them in less than two months? So I thought it would be fun to discuss why we like KWP! For me, I don't really care about art. I've never seen a painting and had it speak to me or touch me or whatever it is that paintings are supposed to do for people. I like music, I like standup comedy, and those things apparently count as art, but paintings and drawings I either just go "cool" or I don't think or say anything at all. But when I saw the art on the VHS 1982 deck, I really liked it and had to get it. Then after looking on the website, I realized that I really enjoy Jackson's artwork and I had to buy all these cool decks. If these were just drawings, I most likely wouldn't get them, but since they're playing cards and I love playing cards, that just sealed the deal for me. Awesome artwork on non-Dollar Tree playing cards made of cheap paper and held together with some form of tape? Sign me up! Jackson's artwork is amazing, and even though I've seen some awesome Magic: The Gathering cards that I thought were cool, they've never inspired me to want to create something the same way KWP has. I have 20 decks now with two more on the way, and as long as I have a job and a steady source of income, I can't imagine not getting whichever new deck(s) Jackson and the KWP team produces. I want to be able to come up with my own design and make my own playing cards because of KWP. (I'm thinking something to do with unicorns and the color pink, maybe with a gilded deck that looks like it has glitter.) All I can say is that I quickly became a fan of art, but only really Jackson's art. So I want to thank Jackson for giving me some sense of what it means to be a man of culture (at fancy dinner parties, I fully intend to tell rich art snobs that my favorite artist is Jackson Robinson and if they haven't heard of them then they're not real art aficionados, and then start stuttering and stammering when they mention any other artist; but first I need to be invited to a fancy dinner party). What about y'all? Why do you guys like KWP?


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  • I have been collecting playing cards for probably 15 years now and when I discovered Jackson's federal 52, I fell in love with it because at the time, it was so unique. There were practically no custom decks around. Then as time went on, the creativity level stayed high and consistent. So I like KWP for the art, I like KWP for the community, and I like supporting good hard working artists like Jackson.


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