A modest KWP collection

I have been collecting playing cards since back in 2016, so not since the beginning of Kings Wild.  I did manage to get a complete collection from someone back when I started, which included most of Jackson's early works, and included a near complete Federal 52 Set. 

I did manage to get on the Subscription decks from the beginning.  My fingers are slow, so it was a miracle I got in.  Below are my 2018 and 2019 Subscription decks, which include most of the Artist Proof and gilded decks released.


2018 was easy, now on to 2019 Subscription decks.  This is an overview.  Care to guess how many decks?


Below are more of a detail by moth: 

January 2919 - Pi

February 2019 - Labyrinth

March 2019 - Equinox II (Also the start of the official gilded subscription decks)

April 2019 - Noble Train

May 2019 - Revival Cycle

June 2019 - Thoroughbred 

July 2019 - Valley Forge (No triple gilded set as I wasn't fast enough.  Oh well.)

August 2019 -  Verum Videre II

September 2019 - Back to School (I hope this one gets on KWP standard line up. It is one of my favorites. A fun deck.)

October 2019 - Trick or Treat

November 2019 - Invocation (Subscription editions)

December 2019 - Nutcracker

Don't forget the 13th Deck - Edred the Gizzard 


I don't know how many you counted, but I came up with 120 decks in the 2019 set.  It is kind of sad to hear it is ending in December.  Whatever happens, I do hope Jackson will continue to to just do some crazy decks from time to time to keep his inspiration alive.  I for one have been privileged to be along for the ride from the beginning of the subscription program.  Thanks Jackson!

I don't have all of my KWP photographed.  However, one campaign really captured me like no other.  That would be Tigers. So below is a photo of my Tigers collection. It forgot to include some Tigers patches and t=shirt.  As far as I know, it is every version that was released.  Now it includes uncut sheets of both versions released.  

Shown in the photo are:

Tigers Legacy - 1 (007)
Tigers Limited Gold - 1 (052)
Tigers Limited - 3 (043,044 and 093)
Tigers Gilded Sets (Gold and Silver gilded) - 2 (#002 and #093)
Tigers Limited ungilded in Tigers Gold Gilded Tuck (No label from Moving Sale) - 2
Tigers Regular ungilded in Tigers Silver Gilded Tuck (No label from Moving Sale) - 1
Tigers Regular - 6 (in brick box)
Tigers Limited Display -6 (actually 7 as I have one on display not shown) (in Brick box and cellophane wrapped)
Tigers Regular Display - 6 (From moving sale. As I recall, there were not many made) (not cellophane wrapped)
Tigers Cap - 1

Whew. Okay. That is all for today...



  • Woah! That's an awesome collection

  • That is so insane! Never seen someones collection in depth like that. That Tigers collection is awesome. 

  • Wow! That's all I can say! What a collection!!! Totally forgot there was a Legacy Tiger... the hunt continues!

  • This is nuts. I thought I had a pretty sizeable collection, but man, well done!

  • Whew, what a collection! Wish I had known of Kings Wild that early on, but slowly catching up. Do you know where I can find a carat case for my tigers matchbox?

  • Kyle Goertz DM caratcasecreations on Instagram

  • bdawg923 is correct Kyle.  He may have single Tigers Carat Cases. However the dual carat case was I think an experiment and only a few were produced. Adam, good luck on the hunt for a Tigers Legacy.  There were only 12 produced.  I had to trade two really limited decks for that one.  Something I would do again in a heartbeat.

  • Hey, Brad, you're not willing to part with one of those Gilded Gizzards, are you? I was foolish and skipped over the public release, but I'd be interested in getting one. Seriously.

  • Zach, thanks for your interest, but the second gilded gizzard (say "gilded gizzard" three times fast) is for my sister.

  • Ah, gotchya. Thanks for the response. And way to go on that collection! It's neat to see all that Tigers stuff in one place.

  • I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one of the white box Noble Train decks!

  • The white box Noble Train should be fairly easy to get.  I imagine at least 500 were made.

    I also received my Robin Hood Gilded decks...

    I also received my limited and standard Haunted 8 decks, so here are my 2018 and 2020 Haunted 8 decks, less the gilded 2020 Haunted 8 decks.

  • Are you selling currently, Brad? Looking to add to my collection.

  • I currently have an extra of Robin Hood, Haunted 8 and Come and Take It gilded I have up for sale.  Some of my extras I would consider selling.  If you want to discuss, you can reach me at bradiusb@gmail.com.


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