KW Threads

So, I for one was very excited to see the new KW Threads line, but I've noticed something. The cards sold out same day of release, but the shirts are still for sale. I hope this doesn't dissuade KW from continuing with the line, so I was just curious if anyone else was wondering the same or had any insight if this would be a bad sign for the future of KW Threads.


  • I was wondering the same thing. I just got the Dino shirt and wasn’t sure if the deck would be arriving with it or not. I love the shirt regardless, but it’d be cool to have the deck with it.

  • Nah, you have to buy the deck and shirt separately. But if you buy them both at the same time you get a discount. I can't remember if it's on both deck and shirt or just the shirt or just the deck.


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